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Curragh Community College has a very active student council. At the start of each academic year, a new council is elected. This is done through class votes. The council is made up of 2 representatives from each year group at junior cycle and 3 at senior cycle with the inclusion of 1 representative from LCA1 and LCA2. Gender balance is an aim within the election process. Once elected, student council members get the privilege of wearing a Student Council Badge. The council meet once a month, sometimes at lunch and sometimes during class time. The council captures the student voice and so members bring to the meetings topics for discussion based on feedback from the student body. Along with discussions about topics of interest to the student body, the council are also involved in discussion around changes to existing school policies and the drafting of new ones. Some of the actions undertaken by the council include uniform changes, student surveys and helping at whole school events. The student council work alongside and independent to the Wellbeing Ambassadors.

Aug 14
School Uniform Shop-Kaideen Knitwear
Aug 22
Book Collection- 1st years only
Aug 27
Return to school-1st,3rd,6th year students
Aug 28
Return to school-All students
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