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As part of the Aspiring Leaders Programme, the Prefect Programme has been a part of school life in Curragh Community College over the last number of years. The 6th year Prefects are held in high esteem by the staff and students and are entrusted with particular duties and responsibilities each year.

The interview and selection process takes place each May and gives students an opportunity to present what they can bring to the programme. A team of Prefects is then appointed for the following year. The role of a prefect is constantly expanding to try and help meet the needs of an expanding school community.

Prefects are asked to:

  • Demonstrate leadership in the school.
  • Work closely with their teachers, management, and fellow students.
  • Represent the school at events (e.g. a tour guide at open evening).
  • To be a role model in terms of attitude, work ethic, manners, and appearance to all members of the school community.
  • Carry out duties and responsibilities in helping the smooth running of the school.
  • Attend Prefect meetings and training sessions.

Prefect Benefits:

  • Taking on a leadership role in the school.
  • Having an opportunity to influence and make a difference to school life.
  • They wear the Prefect badge with pride

The Prefects for the 2022/2023 academic year are:

  • Niamh Tyrell
  • Beth Christie
  • Conor Delaney
  • Jasmine Harris
  • Megan Hayden
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