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What is a JCPA?

Instead of receiving a certificate containing just your JC results, you will receive a Junior Cycle Profile of Achievement (JCPA).

This JCPA (Junior Cycle Profile of Achievement) will contain:

  1. The results of your JC State Exams.
  2. The results/descriptors for your completed Classroom Based Assessment/s
  3. Information on ‘Other Areas of Learning’ you have undertaken during 1st, 2nd and 3rd year in school.

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Other Areas of Learning are areas where the student has achieved outside of the classroom. These may include:

Examples of suitable achievements for inclusion as an OAL;

  • Specific awards you have won for sporting or cultural achievements in first, second and third year.

  • Member of School Sporting Team (eg: Football, Basketball, Athletics)

  • Member of other (non-sporting) extra-curricular activity. (eg: Student Council, Social Justice Group, School Choir)

  • Taking part in the organisation of a charity fundraising event in the school.

  • Performing in front of classmates/schoolmates at a school musical, dramatic or dance performance.

  • Taking part in organising or being involved in a school event (Open Night, school information session or presenting to parents).

  • Participated in school’s Wellbeing programme: PE, SPHE,CSPE

  • School leadership role. (Class Prefect or Other)

  • Any learning experience you feel has benefitted you during time in CCC eg: bullying prevention or friendship workshops

  • Being a part of any school club

OAL's for our TY/5th Year students can be submitted here:

Aug 14
School Uniform Shop-Kaideen Knitwear
Aug 22
Book Collection- 1st years only
Aug 27
Return to school-1st,3rd,6th year students
Aug 28
Return to school-All students
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